Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Hummingbird Moth

Right before my eyes, what did I see
It wasn't a Hummingbird, in front of me
I looked again, what could it be
It was a Hummingbird Moth, flying by me
It had a long tongue, tasting the nectar of each flower
I must have watched it, for over an hour
“What an amazing creature,” came to my mind
As I watched its long tongue, start to unwind

Curled up in flight, released in the next flower
As I kept watching, too fast went the hour
I took pictures, from every angle I could
So I could share them with others, as only I would

That long tongue, reminded me of a long straw
In my mind's eye, that is what I saw
It must come in handy, to have a tongue like that
But you'd have to watch your diet, so you wouldn't get fat

I gazed at the Hummingbird Moth, and inside my mind
“It seems in each day, there is so much we can find”
I felt drawn in to the moment, as I watched it fly
So many beautiful creatures, we can see with our eye
©Jan 04, 2018 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
I've only seen the Hummingbird Moth twice so far. But I
took many pictures each time. It was amazing to watch
and not scare it away as it went about its search for the
flower with the nectar that would satisfy its appetite.

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