Thursday, February 1, 2018

Paper Fortune Teller

I remember as a kid, my sister would approach me
In her hands she held a paper Fortune Teller, “Pick a Number and you will see”
Once you picked a number, she'd open it up to see
Next was picking a color, and that choice was up to me
After the basic choices, there would be more
I kept wondering, what else could be in store
Every Paper Fortune Teller, was different than the last
It was meant to tell my future, not to tell me past

When it came to colors, I would usually pick blue
Always wondering if what was written, would come true
You could use different categories in this game
It was fun to see, if it would turn out the same

Online, there are directions on how to make them too
If you follow directions, that's all you have to do
Make one to suit your interests, then when you are done
You'll have had a great time, and a little bit of fun
I wonder, what will your future be
What is it, that the Fortune Teller will foresee
©Jan 24, 2018 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
Reminded me a bit of the 8-Ball that tells your future.
It was fun just to see what my sister wrote down.
I seem to recall making one too, and adding my own
future choices for others to try. It was enjoyable on
a rainy day. Or just any old day when not much
else was happening. Who else remembers these?

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