Thursday, February 1, 2018

On Trek

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”-- Maya Angelou

      We all have stories, some might seem more exciting than others, but stories that are truthful and genuine carry their own special essence.

      I was privy to watch my youngest granddaughter's every move. I was walking with her, on the farm, and I devoted my time to experience her discoveries as we walked. She was two or three at the time. The sun was bright , the sky was blue, leaves were falling.

      She had her little hand in mine as we walked and chatted, then she decided to stop. She saw a little piece of a twig she liked. Her hand slipped out of mine as she bent down to examine this treasure.

      She picked up a few, discarded a few, until finally she found the perfect one to hold onto, to feel, to become one with. She caressed it, like it was an exquisite jewel. She put her hand back in mine once again, and we continued our trek.

      Pebbles all around us. She was in heaven once again. Her smile,contentment, and joy made time stand still for me. I was mesmerized.

      To catch the thrill of discovery via a child is an experience in itself. It is beauty in the moment, that captures purity at it's best. What an honor it was.

      Judith 2018


A smile comes from deep within
an act of kindness, love thru a tear
radiates from the soul
from what I hear.

The soul is you,
your spirit self
it motivates goodness,
healing and truth.

The beauty rises from within
surpassing the skin
your beauty shines so bright and clear,
it continues flowing immortally

It melds with the universe
for an eternity, benefiting ,
uplifting, nourishing ~
©January 2018 Judith Kroll

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