Thursday, November 1, 2018

On Trek

Share your Lovelight

I was having a colorful dream,
my body tingling,
my light shining a steady stream.
Each beautiful furry pet I've known,
stole my heart. They came home.
                               Reunion time .
I could feel their kisses and their hugs,
unconditional love steamed the dream.
Each personality was still intact,
my laughter rippled thruout
time and space.
What a race.

Then a horse I hadn't known,
came into my sight.
The energy he sent my way,
helped me remember who he is.
Traveling the road from my home,
there was this lonely horse all alone.

He walked in mud and looked underfed
I cried many a tear when I passed his shed.
He came to me and I heard him say
“ I felt your love everyday.
You encouraged me and kept me strong,
I come to you to let you know,

every love light sent our way,
was remembered, felt and cherished.
Always know love never stops,
travels with the wind, ripples on the sea,
shines thru the sun, and rains gently on our souls.
It works for people too. Share your Lovelight.”

As the night passed my fur babies left,
we were all filled with love.
The horse whinnied one last time,
and assured me once again,
Love never fails.
We are all blessed.
©10/26/18 Judith Kroll

Someone posted the pic, I wrote this story..

      She sings her love

      The little birdie wrapped her claws around the frozen twig.

      The air was crisp, and the sky was blue.

      She took a breath and started to sing. Her trill formed puffs of mist, thus all could SEE her song.

      She sang and sang all the tunes she knew, encouraging us to become aware.

      She sings her love.

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