Thursday, November 1, 2018

My Experience with a Possessed Person

It’s the season to re-tell this experience:

    About 10 years ago I had a job which required an hour commute downtown by train one way, and an hour back. I would usually use this time to meditate, pray (silently), ponder etc.

    One day about a third of the way into my trip, I had my head bowed in silent prayer. As far as anyone around me knew, I was probably napping. After finishing prayer I would usually visualize drawing in all the positive energy I possibly could and then image that what ever my spirit didn't absorb of the energy I would shoot out around me to all those in my physical area to be able to enjoy.

    A woman came into the train at the 1/3 point and of course, even in prayer one can take in background noise etc. She sat directly behind me, back to back. As the train rolled along various people would try to interact with her but would be met with some odd remark or behavior that would cause them to find other seating. So at the end of my prayers and visualizing, I did what I usually do; imaged shooting out any excess positive energy to those around me. As I did this, I heard this woman behind me say, "Stop it! You're burning me!"

    No one on the train had a clue as to whom she was addressing. At that point I didn't know it was me but I thought, 'I wonder?' .....since it happened almost simultaneously with me sending out positive energy, 'if it might have BEEN me'. So I decide, being curious, to do it again and see if the same reaction would happen and indeed it DID. Now mind you, the woman did not look at me, didn't change positions to address me, didn't move in any way other than to once again yell out, "STOP IT! YOU ARE BURNING ME". Now I was close to being convinced that it probably was me, but to be absolutely sure I did it one more time and once again, came the same reaction but more loudly and forcefully. I was sure that in my putting positive energy out there, it was affecting her, it had to be, because she'd react each time at only that time.

    Eventually her stop came which was just before my own and since she never even looked at me or addressed me I was highly curious and got off at her stop. I was walking about 2 yards behind her and again, she didn't see me get off the train, and didn't look behind her at all but was screaming, "Don't FOLLOW ME!!!" I knew it was addressed to me, and as I quickened my pace she also yelled out that I had "Better not BURN her again". So, I ran ahead of her to actually get a look at her face (Yes, only me, most people would run AWAY but "I" chase the crazy down lol) Her eyes were literally spinning in opposite directions in her head. As soon as I saw it I knew I had looked into the face a possessed person. I had no question about it in my mind. Having satisfied my curiosity, I hung back and watched as she crossed the street. I have no idea what her destination was and I wished I had the time to have continued to watch her and her behavior but I had to get into work.

    On the way home I wondered what it was all about and I came to the following conclusions:

    That it is very difficult for evil to exist in positive energy. It literally creates a burning sensation. Knowing that God is in Glory (a place) I realized that the more we lived a life close to the spirit and our values, the more 'light' (Gods love equals light) we can hold or withstand.

    God stays in one place but where we end up depends on 'how' we live. Those who don't live up to the values we know to be true, honesty, integrity, love, kindness, compassion, etc etc aren't able to stand in the presence of God because they would literally feel a 'burning sensation'.......which would explain why the bible describes Hell, as fire and brimstone. The more you live outside of which you know to be good and true, the further it takes you from being able to stand in the presence of the divine ie: therefore darkness the absence of light. The more we develop our light in living our values the more we are capable of containing and being 'in' communion with that light. This is why the entity inside that woman was not able to endure the positive light energy I was sending out.

    Now we all know people, who just kind of glow, who really carry 'light' around with them, it just radiates and exudes. They are in a positive place, living true to their values and getting a clear channel to the divine. And conversely we have all seen people who just seem to be dark, have no soul behind their eyes.....and that doesn't mean they are possessed, just not living to the optimum of truth as they know it. Possession is different.

    When I looked into the face of that woman, the thought enveloped me, in the way I've learned to know truth, that she was possessed, that there was an entity inside her that didn't belong.

    There are entities in our earth experience who do want the experience of using our bodies for their means. It is my belief that the more we live outside of truth the more we leave ourselves susceptible (sort of hole in the protection around our souls or the thinning of it) for this dilemma to occur. It's hard for me to say that it can happen without our consent. In the case of the woman I encountered I felt like she 'allowed' the entity domain over her body. I don't know why, but that's what came to me. I do feel the possibility exists for it to happen beyond our control but I can't say and don't know how it would be possible or what causes it to happen. I think those would be very very rare cases.

    Also, having the psych background I do, I acknowledge that a lot of mental illness is mistakenly attributed to possession. It's been less than 100 years since people considered retardation demonic possession and we've come a long way and there are still many mental illnesses for which we have no direct diagnoses, that again, could be easily written off as possession.

    However, my experience on that train that day does have me 'knowing' that there are demonic entities ready and waiting for the right unfortunate circumstances to take over physical bodies.

    Moral of the story, live your life to that which you know to be positive, pure, good and true is the best way to avoid any kind of difficulty with these matters as well as being able to grow and expand in our own spirituality and closeness with the divine.

©Bunny Dunn. Used with the author's permission.

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