Friday, January 1, 2021

On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Seeking answers From the Universe?

How does the universe share with us love?

When the sun sets in the evening, do you hear an alarm before it starts? Whistles blowing? Drum rolls from the heavens? No, the new painting comes daily, SILENTLY. We have all seen a beautiful sunset, and we all know when to expect it. The choice is ours to look for it or not. It is always available to anyone.

Silence is the key. If it works for the universe to show us love, and help us understand through the beauty that is manifested for our enjoyment, and for us to KNOW..we are loved, that the universe has our back!

How many of us has awakened from an awesome night of sleep, only to see the white, silent snow covering our little section of the earth? What a blessing for so many reasons.

In the spring, little flower heads pop up. The laugh of children, the antics of our fur babies? We can sit in silence and see, hear, taste, smell and feel so many awesome universal treasures, letting us know we are loved!!

Feel the love daily, from our planet. Even though man has scarred it up, it still shows us deep love. Know it. Own it.
Judith 12-17-2020

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