Friday, January 1, 2021

You Must Have Known

By Diane Lynch

You must have seen, you must have known
My love, you sent those words times three
Three times you saw how I would feel
In the songs you sang while you were here

Third Time Lucky seems so clear
Along with remembering The Love is Here
Your words so soft I heard that day
As I sat watching while you played

As I remembered my secret fear
The fear of something's wrong is near
What wasn't right, what wasn't clear
Nothing I decided, it's just not real

Will I ever know, know how you feel
This is not the way to heal
Hold On I thought, these Words I knew
I can Believe, I believe in you

How I needed just to Breathe
To Trust I thought, this is me
What I Wanted, how I Feared
Our love is needed to be real

Could I have seen, could I have known
That this is how The Journey runs
Just Imagine, I would say
That Joining Hearts will be One Day

It's 6 0 3 and God Only Knows
How Precious you are to me
For I am a Dreamer who truly glows
Forever in my heart is where you'll be

Making Love with Music is what I'm shown
We Are, if I’m not lost in the unknown
But Stay in Today is what you say
For having doubts, It Doesn't Pay

When Did our love turn this way
Does this remind you of Judy Kay
The turns, the tortures of every day
How I need to hear you play

Hear your words, feel your love
Your voice is like a great white dove
An Abundance of you, will be Enough
To see me through this time that's tough

©10/13/05 Diane Lynch
aka Spirit0662
(Highlighted words are titles of songs and poems by Phil Hennessy aka Phillipo)

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