Friday, January 1, 2021


 By Phillip Hennessy

So, here we are, in Isolation
a Future forlorn, such Desperation
Together no more, Divided we Fall
the Virus has Won, devoured us All

Must stay at home, Not allowed out
illegal to Sing, illegal to Shout
Break the Rules, you go to Jail
Precautions all taken, to no Avail

Must comply, Must wear a mask
or others will Die, so little to ask
we'll Never be back to Normal, again
Freedoms have Gone, it seems so insane

No Loyalties now, it's Each for his Own
they'll Track and Trace you, on your phone
Wherever you go, Whatever you need
Permission required for Every deed

Get Used to it now, for this is Forever
No back to Normal, that will be Never
how different Life, will be from Before
this Virus is with us, Forever more

©December 2020 Phillip Hennessy

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