Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A West Texas Tumbleweed Christmas

By Walt Perryman

I am dreaming of a tumbleweed Christmas this year,
The way they roll across the road and we drive in fear.
I love to have a tumbleweed instead of a Christmas tree,
Except when I hang the lights and the stickers stick me.
I think It is a good thing that Santa Clauses sleigh flies,
Or else, Rudolf would get tumbleweeds in his eyes.
I love it when tumbleweeds are stacked high on the fences,
That is when tumbleweeds heighten my Christmas senses.
Next time you see the tumbleweeds, tumbling along,
Try reading the Bible so you can learn right from wrong.
Because my poem is not about getting stuck by a thorn.
A tumbleweed Christmas is about when Jesus was born!

©2020 Walt Perryman

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