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By Pauline Evanosky

The Universe is a Safe Place

An interesting side effect of being in the WooWoo part of life is that my experiences with Spirit have drawn me closer to my idea of God. In fact, my idea of God shifted a lot since I became a channel.

In the days pre WooWoo I would pray, but hardly ever had a feeling that my voice was reaching God’s ear. I mean, there are so many of us on Earth and likely beyond, why would he even notice? But people continued to say to me that I could pray and so I wavered back and forth between wondering if anybody called God heard me or not.

So, then I met my guide, Seth. That was in 1993. That first year of channeling for anybody is fraught with ups and downs, from, “I think you are pulling my leg” to “This is really something”. When I teach people to channel (and sometimes it happens faster than you think), I tell them not to talk so much about what goes on between them and their guide during that first year. That is the year where your buttons of belief are going to be pushed so many times that you can be certain what happened at the beginning of the year will be very, very different by the time you hit the end of the first year of channeling. It lasts longer than that, but hopefully, your innate common sense will prevail before too much time has passed. Even in the WooWoo common sense is important.

I was also the world’s worst channeling student. I have always felt if I can do it pretty much anybody else can too.

But this is where my idea of God shifted a lot during that time and since then.

You ask your guide a lot of questions during that first exposure to Spirit. I remember I asked Seth if anybody ever really heard our prayers. He said, yes, our prayers were always heard by somebody.

That sort of took me back a little bit. Somebody? Isn’t that somebody supposed to be God? I did not pursue the topic, but it sat there nibbling away at me.

Then, the day I asked him who was in charge. I almost expected him to say, “God, who else?” That’s what I expected. What he said took me aback. He said, “Nobody”. Nobody? Are we doomed? What’s going on? And, then I thought about it. If he wasn’t pulling my leg and it really was nobody, didn’t that also make sense?

I had heard there are universal laws in place. Like Karma. I had come to believe in it. How else could there be justice in the world? And I believed in justice. I remember Seth saying to me there were two types of justice. There was human justice and then there was universal justice. The two were different and over time I’ve come to believe universal justice is the biggie. So, how does that work? Seth just said, and I think this was in a humorous vein, “It’s like time served.”

Well, if you apply it to all the mean people you’ve ever met you can think somewhere along the line, they will get their dose of justice. You might not see it. You might not be aware of it. But, somewhere along the line, they will get theirs. It’s like somebody who is a murderer and gets caught. They will end up in jail. But is a life sentence enough? It is our law. Or, the death sentence, I suppose if that’s how that goes.

But with universal law there will likely be further consequences to their actions. Like in the next 4 lifetimes they will get murdered. Murder once and you get murdered 4 times. I’m just pulling numbers out of the air, but you get the idea. Or perhaps the Karma would be that the person who did the murdering spends the next 15 lifetimes atoning in some way for it. And these things that are Karma also don’t have to be directly related to the original crime. Maybe somehow gardening gets in there. Maybe in a future incarnation, the person comes back as an empath and can actually feel the plants screaming as they are cut. That would be pretty horrible if you think about it. Makes you not want to be empathic, which sometimes I think I am, but I try to deaden it because it is very strange to deal with. Who wants to feel somebody else’s pain? Not me. I can sometimes feel the plants’ relief when I water them. This is why I water everybody on the patio at the same time.

Anyway, back to God. It comforts me to believe there is a God. I mean, I’ve talked to Jesus. I wish him happy birthday every year. My husband pointed out to me that our calendar is all messed up.

Back in the day somebody decided that it would be so. Arbitrary. Just picked out the days.

Here’s spirit again. Somebody just commented, “I’ll be 29 this year”.

I’ve talked to his mother. Here’s a channeling funny with Mary. I was taking a shower and stubbed my toe. “Jesus!” I shouted. Then, I sort of looked around like I was going to see her. I could feel her presence. I’d recently been talking to her about something. So, in my mind, I asked, “What did you use to say?” She said, “Zeus”. These interchanges sort of make it all ordinary and many times hilarious.

There are so many beliefs out there. Folks who never heard of Jesus, folks who don’t acknowledge him as the son of God. I grew up a Catholic and although I don’t go to church all the time now, still believe in Jesus. What I have learned though is that it is okay no matter what people believe. It just doesn’t matter, though having conversations with a presence unseen to you is also okay. Whether you believe in God and the Gang or not is fine.

I have a few times experienced a peace that comes upon me that I can only describe as having come from God. It’s like nothing matters at all except that. It brings tears to my eyes every time.The universe is a safe place.

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