Wednesday, December 1, 2021

On Trek


By Judith Kroll


Are you a believer or a non-believer?

When I hear that phrase, or read it online, I silently cringe. Why is that my reaction? I believed in many things all my life, most of which I learned from my parents, relatives, school systems. None of which I learned from my own thinking.

That question is such a limiting one. No room for discussion. A bland question waiting for a bland response.

First I would like to know exactly what I should be believing in? Most of the time it is a religion. Then, aliens next. Holidays, etc, etc.

Now I ask, What does it matter to you? It doesn’t matter to me, because throughout my life, I have changed beliefs many times. I am not fickle, just more informed thru my own eyes, and heart. I have learned from, experience over the years. That is what makes most older folks wise!

Experience is a great teacher. I was swimming once with a group of folks, and there was a waterfall. Beautiful. I decided to swim behind it. When I got behind it, no one could hear me if I was in trouble as it was many decibels louder between the mountain and the water.

I decided to catch my breath by holding onto the rock. Experience was in progress. The rock was like ice, from all the water running over it constantly. Beautiful, but right now deadly as I started to panic. I was not the best swimmer. I tried a scream or two but only hurt my own ears.

Then out of nowhere, I heard a voice say in my head, roll on your back put your feet on the wall, and push your way out.

I didn’t stop to ask if I was a believer or not...It sounded good to me, so I did it -- I made it safely out, and to shore, unbeknownst to anyone but ME. Experience is truly an awesome teacher.

After that encounter was I a believer? No, not fully, but the seeds were planted. With everything in life, we all need to do our own thinking, learning. We need to enjoy the ride. The journey is ours for the experiences.
Judith 11-5-21

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