Wednesday, December 1, 2021

On The Front Lines


By Bud Lemire

The Doctors cried
Another one died
One Nurse said “We did our very best”
“But he was Positive on the test”

He thought it was a lie
So, he had to die
The question we ask, is why
Our Medical Team doesn't lie

We are on the front lines, every day
We've seen it all, in every way
They didn't believe, Covid was true
No cautions taken, it wasn't the Flu

This should never have happened at all
To see so many, who've had to fall
There's no excuse, you were told
They didn't listen, now they won't grow old

Our staff is doing double shifts, every night
So many patients, are guided to the Light
We hate to see this happen to you
Take caution please, with all you do

©Nov 18, 2021 Bud Lemire

                           Author Note:

This means: even though you have been vaccinated
three times, you still need to wear a mask. We know
they aren't any fun to wear, believe me we know. But
by wearing it, you are protecting yourself and others.
You could be a carrier of one of the variants and think
it is just a cold or allergy, and be giving it to someone
who can't even defend their system due to low immune
or no immune. We are on the Front lines every day, and
we know what Covid is doing to people. This should not
have happened. Your source should be a True source of
information, and we are. If you could only be here and
experience seeing so many die, you would know. Believe
me, I don't cry often, but since Covid, my tears will not stop.


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