Saturday, January 1, 2022

On Trek

By Judith Kroll


Have We Felt Guilty From Loss of a Loved One?

Losing someone we love is a hard pill to digest because there are so many unknowns related to death. Everyone has different ideas, and individually we react differently.

Guilt, and regret, start to show their ugly head in our feelings. Will they, the departed, forgive us for all we have done, or, or didn’t do?

A person who passes on turns immediately from flesh and bone to spirit. Visible to invisible. They return home. Home is where we come from. They remember what is happening, and they are immersed in a pool of love. They all return to what they were before they came to earth. Their spirit body and their spirit thinking are now in effect.

Unconditional love is pure love. No conditions attached. As a spirit, they see things with pure love, and that includes how they see those of us that are left here on earth. All the pettiness, guilt trips, anything they had is gone. Earth is where we agreed to come to learn lessons, teach lessons, and find our true selves. We were not forced, but..we made the choice with our pure unconditional love thought process. We are limited here on earth, but no limits on love and goodness on the spirit side of things. In reality, there is no limit on how much love and goodness we are capable of as humans.

Once we understand that unconditional love abounds with those that pass over and that they want us to be HAPPY, not feeling guilty in any way. Think love, and KNOW that our loved ones are around us.
Judith 12/26/2021

Always know in your heart that you love yourself. I have hated myself for many many years, and finding me was a treasure. I am not perfect, I am a work in progress. I will need the hard hat 'til I am gone, but working on self can be fun too.

I quit judging others. I work on finding the good in all. Oh, I backslide, no doubt about it, but I catch myself, and I see the good. I smile, and send that person love.

See the good, feel the good, taste the good, touch the good, smell the good in All things. And you will find the treasures of living.

Happy New Year
Judith 12/31/2021


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