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The Ultimate Library: Akashic Records


By Mary E. Adair

"I believe that accessing one's Akashic Records can help them determine the steps they should be taking now to reach their goals. It can also assist them in determining what their goals should be if they're at a standstill in their life."

I recently had the amazing opportunity to have an Akashic Records reading. This reading was truly life-changing. Because I firmly believe that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey, we can use all the help available to ensure that our journey follows a path that leads to the growth and enlightenment we chose to experience well before we ever arrived here on planet Earth.

You may be asking yourself, "What in the world are akashic records?" I know that before my reading, although I'd heard of them, I really must admit that I really had given them very little thought. In fact, I was totally unaware that you could actually get a reading where someone could tap into your life record. Thanks to a lady named Mary Adair (also known as PSA in the Shrine of Hope chat rooms), I experienced just that...access to my life record...not just this current physical life, but my eternal life record.

Akashic Records - a Brief History

In my desire to learn more about these life records, I did an extensive search of both books and the internet. This is definitely a brief summary of what I discovered.

Akashic records are not a new age idea. Their existence has been recognized by various religions throughout history. Although the different religious groups may refer to these records by different names, they all represent the same set of records. In the Old Testament, Exodus 32:32, you will find the first biblical record about this wonderful set of records. Moses pleads with God to spare the Israelites for their offense in building and worshipping the golden calf. He actually takes full responsibility for their actions and offers his own name to be stricken from the book which God has written, to pay for their actions. David later recognizes in Psalms that God has written everything down about him, good, bad, and in between. Folklore from many different groups makes reference to the Book of Life. The Phoenicians, the Egyptians, and the Babylonians are but a few of these groups. The Islamic religion refers to this book as The Book of Decree. This book holds the records of all events past, present, and yet to occur. Rosicrucian writings call this set of life records the Memory of Nature. In Sanskrit, akasha means sky or ether, and theosophy describes this as a non-physical plane on which all the knowledge of human experience exists. Edgar Cayce referred to the Akashic Records during several of his readings. These are just a few examples of where you can find references to the existence of a universal storehouse or library of all the knowledge of humankind. Today, with the increased understanding of quantum physics, there is the growing belief that all life is energy and that this energy, which cannot be destroyed, at its most fundamental level is consciousness. Therefore, all energy is part of a collective consciousness. It is within this energy that our life here as a soul in a physical body is imprinted. Everything we do as a soul while here, every emotion we feel, every interaction that occurs with others and all the thoughts and feelings included in that experience, as well as all the things we have yet to do, think, say, or feel is held within this universal energy database. It is this field of energy, therefore, that is the Akashic Library containing the life of all the souls, all the incarnations of our soul, and all future souls and incarnations.

Accessing Your Akashic Records

Deciding to access your Akashic Records is a choice to discover insight into your soul. Just as we choose to pray or to read various religious and spiritual books in an attempt to grow spiritually, it is possible, as I discovered, to gain spiritual growth via accessing one's Akashic Records. Imagine knowing the spiritual reasons behind your life choices, or discovering insight into your spiritual purpose for being here. An Akashic Records reading can give you these insights.

Before a reading of your Akashic Records, it is important to prepare yourself for the reading. I highly recommend meditating on what you truly wish to learn about yourself prior to a reading. This raises your energy to a higher level and in so doing you can gain guidance about the best questions for you to ask in order to learn what you need to know to continue your soul's journey most effectively. I know that I chose to do this and found it really beneficial.

Whether you choose to meditate or not, you will want to develop a list of questions regarding those things in your life that you wish to have your reader answer. It is only through your permission that a reader can access your records. To do so without your permission would be a violation of your free will. With this permission, the reader will then recite an ancient sacred prayer. This prayer allows the reader to connect via your name and the energy connected to it, to your life records. One of the many wonderful experiences surrounding these readings is that we have a chance to release things we have created that are blocking our connection to our creator. It helps heal us so that we can advance in our journey to fulfill our life purpose. It can help to remove any illusions of separation from our creator and in so doing, it reminds us that we truly are one with all, including our creator.

I cannot begin to tell you how emotionally freeing it was to have this reading. I was able to get answers to some questions about my life that had mystified me for ages. For example, I had the unusual experience of meeting my first husband at the age of 18 only to discover that we not only shared the exact same birth date but that we were also born within hours of each other in the same hospital. We shared many experiences in life before, during, and after our marriage ended, that were almost identical. In a strange way, we knew each other the way twins might. I always wondered why we chose a path that brought us together in marriage, yet also led us to a separation, although we have continued to be good friends to this day. My reading allowed me to discover the reasons for these events and choices. In understanding these reasons, I also gained greater insight into my spiritual path. I had many other questions, and Mary was able to access my life records to give me the answers I sought. At the conclusion of my reading, I know I felt at an inner level the truth or "rightness" of the reading. It is an experience unlike any other, and one I consider to be truly healing.

Akashic Reader, Mary E. Adair

I would like to add a few more words about the lady who gave me my reading. I have come to know her via the various chat rooms at Shrine of Hope. She is clearly a woman of integrity and is genuinely dedicated to helping others. She has a wonderful gift where she receives messages from the spirits of missing children. They often come to her with information about what has happened to them and where they can be found. This is not something that happens on command, however, it is not unusual for her to hear on the news of a missing child and then receive information from them. In addition, she is a fantastic interpreter of dreams. She has a regularly scheduled evening in the chat room, Dreamtime, at Shrine of Hope, where she helps those who come with dreams that they have had and wish to have interpreted. One of the special things she does after these interpretations is to have others who are present during the interpretation share their thoughts about the dream. In this way, the person gets both Mary's interpretation as well as additional insights from others. She does this freely as a way of helping others. I believe she is one of those special people with a heart of gold and an amazing set of gifts that allow her to be a genuine help to others.

The above article researched and compiled by Roberta Cote in 2010, was gifted to me by her for publication.

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