Saturday, January 1, 2022

Raccoons on Parade


By John I. Blair 


Last night I glanced
Out dusty doors
At my shabby patio

And in the floodlit murk
I saw a pointed nose,
Ringed eyes, a bushy tail,

And then another and another,
And a fourth, a mother,
Shepherding her kits for snack time

A tabby cat (my regular)
Sat on a bench, reviewing the parade
As its units trotted to the steps

Where food and water waited
(Placed there for the cat
But clearly on display for all),

Just barely taking note of me
Despite my size and visibility.
One day I may regret

Raccoon familiarity
With often fragile human things,
But all I could consider

Was how cute beyond belief
They all were; and I truly think
The cat agreed.

©2021 John I. Blair 12/28/2021

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