Tuesday, March 1, 2022

How Far Away Is It

By Bruce Clifford

How far away is it
The virtual stoppage
The end of the line
Remembering days of plenty

How far beyond is this
The micro and the small
The waiting in line
Recalling the past of many

Why are we drifting along on this island
Omitting the silence as we buy and trade
The vaccines are lasting if only for a minute
Trying to make it through each day
What can I say

How far away is it
Billions of light years
Beyond the ways and limits
Hiding the tears

I can’t imagine life without it
It’s been two years
So close to our hearts
The many who died

I can’t imagine this world without it
The variants of those who doubt it
I can’t imagine life without it
The many who cried
The many who died

How far away is it
The climate controlled unit
Moments in time
Will that day arrive

©2/4/2022 Bruce Clifford

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