Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Summertime Woman


By Mary E. Adair

I'm a summertime woman,
It's heated days, I crave,
That stretch endlessly dawn to dusk,
Making time for memories to save.

I love the sun peeking over the edge
Of the Earth it daily warms,
And the illumination blessing us,
With many more cheers than harms.

My mind can soar ever upward
To the unclouded, endless blue sky,
Expanding with new ideas and dreams,
Pursuing goals that I shall try.

Basking in sunshine throughout the day,
Making the most of the longer hours,
Delving into new tasks to enjoy,
That won't be delayed by sudden showers,

For the summer rains are mostly brief,
And the droplets dry within a second,
So only if you saw them fall, you'd know
Nought but sun ever did beckon.

I'll always be a Summertime Woman,
The cold doesn't hold any thrills for me,
Perhaps being born in the month of May,
Helped set my desire to be warm and free.

So bring on the higher temps,
And the blistering brightness, I say,
For Summer's the time to enrich our lives,
Filling them with blessings every day.

©Feb 17, 2022 Mary E Adair

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