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By Pauline Evanosky

Fun for Psychics

Fun is an important part of life. People have different ideas of fun which a lot of times align with their hobbies. It’s fun to play crossword puzzles. It’s fun to bake. It’s fun to make models, or draw, or run, or ride a bicycle. If it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it. I have also heard people say, “Work is not supposed to be fun. It’s why we call it work.” I don’t personally agree with that and somehow think whoever thought it up was in some way bitter. I could be wrong.

My idea is that life could be fun. Well, most of it anyway.

Fun makes things easier to learn and learning how to be a psychic can be fun. It can also, just like any other thing you are trying to learn be drudgery. Are you likely to continue if it is boring? No. That’s why it should be fun.

A lot of psychics I’ve run into over the years have the opinion that anything that touches upon our psychic lives should be serious. I disagree. What are rules but to be broken? I break them all the time with any number of things. I don’t break the law, but I surely fiddle around when people say I must do something or suffer dire consequences. I don’t know why. It just ruffles my feathers.

Take meditation. Meditation is often seen as a necessary part of any psychic’s life. It is helpful in calming, in focusing attention, in looking within for answers. And, if you don’t include the fun part it can be boring as all get out. Do this. Do that. Do this other thing. What if it doesn’t work for you? Do you give up and say you can’t meditate? No. Do you keep beating your head on the table? No. You find another way around it to learn what these other people are saying is a necessary thing to learn.

There really are 101 different ways to meditate.

Okay, so closing your eyes and seeking quiet didn’t work that well. What do you do now? Make a promise to your inner self that you will have a small notebook and a pencil beside you to record whatever was so stinking urgent it needed to remind you. This is not necessarily that you don’t forget something important, rather, it is to calm that part of your mind that is generally in control of everything that goes on in your life. All you want is 30 minutes of peace and quiet and it can’t stinking shut up about it? It can’t leave you in peace for one minute? No. It’s not that part of your brain’s job to let up its ever-present vigilance. All you want is 30 minutes of quiet. That’s not going to tilt the universe on its axis. But your mind doesn’t think that. Your mind thinks everything from now on is going to be wrong. You will not be safe. You are unleashing the hounds of hell if you meditate. However, having a small pad of paper and a pencil at hand could do the trick.

Just take a deep breath and reassure your mind that all is well. Physical reality will not be changed and only good will come of this idea to meditate. Be kind. Don’t be dismissive. Just be in charge. Point out that you’ve got a pencil and paper at hand. You won’t get lost and can come back to the normal room at any time. You don’t need your mind to keep making certain you are okay. You haven’t led it wrong yet in all the years you’ve been alive. Why start now?

I realize this sounds silly, but it is this fun, reassuring conversation that is going to allow your mind to calm down and be quiet for a bit longer. You are not going to get your 30 minutes of peach and quiet in this time, nor probably the next. Your job is to be patient. Each time you meditate you will get another minute or two of calmness. Until finally, it won’t take you long to get to your “happy place” where you can settle down easily for a nice uninterrupted period of time for meditation.

Longer is better right? No, not necessarily. For longer meditations you need a meditation coach. I’ve never had one, but I also know what happens when you strive for longer meditations. All sorts of unruly thoughts you have pushed down, out of sight for years are going to make an appearance. Just for you. You need some tools to be able to handle it. I guarantee this. I’m sure you’ve heard people boast that they can meditate for hours at a time. They are either the best mentally balanced people you’ve ever met, or they are in for a rough ride.

Sorry, that’s what I think and know from personal experience.

Just deal with it. Dealing with wanting ever longer meditation sessions could result in going into therapy which everybody can use or by journaling to allow more of these unsettling thoughts to come to light so that you can address them when you are ready. Nobody is perfect. We’ve all had trauma and all of us have found ways of coping with it. What you don’t need is to get hopelessly depressed and start drinking, shopping too much, overeating, or smoking to excess. Which can happen.

You are a grown-up. You should be stable. You should not be having these thoughts. Release all that. People grow all their lives. How do you think older people are often considered to be wise? They learned this stuff. It doesn’t just happen.

So, be open to growing emotionally. All parts of yourself. Now, in this new state of mind, this quiet, retrospective calmness that comes from meditation, your mind is going to throw out something that has been bothering it for years. Why now? It happens. You have proved to your mind that meditation is a safe place.

I have a theory. I think when something new happens there is a part of us that goes, “Danger! Danger!” It happens because we are not children anymore. When we were kids we got excited when new things happened. Mostly. I never saw the fun in roller coaster rides, but that aside, mostly, kids had fun. Then, we grew up. But if you have a playful eager approach to meditation you can power through the scary stuff. The more you power through, the less often scary stuff will happen.

It happened just like that to me. I would see these gruesome things especially as I was doing meditations to investigate past-life experiences. Dead bodies all over the place. It was disturbing and I asked my guide why this was happening. He said to continue meditating and it would eventually stop. He said that dying is sometimes a sticky emotional magnet sort of deal. Like a babe magnet? You have a death magnet or I did. Lots of energy associated with dying. So, that’s where your attention tends to be drawn. Toward the fabulous. Toward the accidents. Towards the drama. He told me that everybody has happy moments in their lives and I should aim towards those moments. It did the trick. I rarely saw unsettling things during my meditations after that.

Have I ever heard that advice from anybody active in the spiritual or psychic community? No. Other than an old story of a yogi master who recommended his student return to his meditation practice after the student got all excited about the wondrous things he had just experienced. The yogi master did not care. He just plain didn’t want to talk about it. Because it was a stage that the student had to go through. More meditation practice was key. Not all at once. Just a steady flow of regular meditation.

Practiced regularly, you will become accustomed to meditation and it will all be old hat for you. You will gain a clarity that might not have been there for you in your interests and even in your work. It will be something you look forward to and not something classed as a chore. Meditation is a great way to find inspiration for writing anything. You can center in on your art. It also helps regulate blood pressure. You might not need to chew your nails anymore. You might get better sleep. All sorts of nice things can happen for you all because you made it fun. Julie Andrews really was right about a spoonful of sugar.

Another fun thing I did as I learned to be a psychic channel had to do with channeling recipes. I did not realize it at the time, but your spirit guides know the taste in your mouth. They absolutely know what your great-grandmother’s corn fritter recipe was supposed to taste like. If you were to ask your guide for a cake recipe to beat all cake recipes and all you had was a container of yogurt and a banana at hand and using only what was already in your pantry, I’d bet you’d get a nice cake. I would check whatever amounts you get with a similar cake recipe on the internet only because 3 tablespoons of something, say baking powder, really ought to be more like 3 teaspoons. I wouldn’t say it was cheating. I would say it was guarding against bad channeling. In any case, it is a fun thing to do that has direct bearing upon your ability to channel.

Also, a fun thing I did was to pick out an old picture. It could be something in your house, or from a book, or even on the internet. You concentrate on it. You pick a person in the photograph and pretend that you are channeling them. They have to be dead by now as the picture dates from 1880, so you would not be making that part up. And, just have a small conversation with them. Start with, “Hi”. It might even end up being your guide in disguise, but you are stretching the boundaries of your channeling by doing an exercise like this. And can I say it again? You are having fun.

There are rules and then there are no rules.

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