Tuesday, March 1, 2022

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

The Universe speaks to all of us!!!

My daddy was, and probably still is, knowing him, a stand-up comic, a lay down comic, a walking, driving, sleeping, comic in heaven. No matter what position he has his standard jokes, tricks, always bringing a smile to the lips of those he touched.

I could write a book about all his stunts and funnies he pulled and I would still come up short of his funnies.

Dad was a hard worker. Very hard, and very smart, always helping his neighbors and friends where he could. People came to help him as well, and many used him. Hurt him, made him cry. Dad took no revenge, he just let it go. A beautiful soul that loved life. A silent teacher.

When we couldn’t be together, he told me he would talk to the stars, and send his love, and messages to me that way. The other day, I was talking to him, telling him I loved him, and missed him, as he passed in 2015. He sent me videos and pictures from heaven, and lately I hadn’t gotten any. I asked him where he was, I missed him. He sent a picture of all the stars, and the milkyway, and the night sky sparkling like his soul. I knew immediately what he was saying. Just before he passed, he said he was going to become part of the universe. He was, he is, he always will...be. We can talk thru the stars forever.
Love you Daddy
Judith 2-26-22

* * * * *

Create Your Own Reality

Those words are spoken a lot. Many times it refers to what we do on the other side in spirit.

How can we create our own reality in this life? There are many that try to create our lives for us.

Being in many Organizations creates our life if we think about it. To create your own life, space, reality you have to decide for Yourself what you truly want. Right now I am creating mine by writing, as I love to write.

You pick a car you like, you get married, kids, if you want all that, then you create. If you want flowers in your yard, a variety of them, then you create.

Choosing a job, something you love creates your desire, and if you tire of that job, you move to another you love, you create.

Pets, big house little house, clothes on and on. Also, who you are as a person you create. You become who you want to become. Loving and kind or the opposite. We all have choices.

Finding (YOU) is very important. Do we follow the crowd or follow our own goals. If we marry, we must let our partners be who they truly are as well.

We all have choices, we all have our own likes and dislikes. We all have the ability to Create our own reality and find our Joy!!.
Judith 2-24-22

* * * * *

February 9 at 12:28 PM ·
All the little cat spirits were crossing the rainbow bridge when one of them looked back and saw some cats' souls laying on the other side of the bridge, not moving.

“Who are they?” he asked the cat next to him.

“Oh, don’t you know they are the souls who had no owner in life and knew no love like we did."

“So what are they laying there for?” he asked “Why don’t they cross over like us?”

“They can’t.” replied his new friend “Only pets with owners can cross."

Just then all the souls on the other side of the bridge sat up and looked down the road.

"What’s happening?" asked the little cat. “Watch!” replied his friend.

Whereupon a woman was seen walking towards the bridge. She looked to her left and then to her right then opened her arms wide and all the patiently waiting souls got up and went to her.

She knelt and touched each and every spirit in turn. They then all proceeded to cross the bridge together.

“Who is that?” he asked his friend.

“That is someone special.” replied his friend “She is a rescuer."
– Author unknown


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