Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Like a Time Machine

<P>Your were just eighteen<BR>
Now you’re fifty-nine<BR>
Like a time machine<BR>
What happened to time<BR><P>

We were wild and free<BR>
Now there’s a touch of grey<BR>
Like a time machine<BR>
All the years drifted away<BR><P>

I was just a boy<BR>
The years slowly passed<BR>
My heart was destroyed<BR>
I never thought it would last<BR><P>

You were just eighteen<BR>
Those days were a blur<BR>
You brought out the best in me<BR>
Not someone I ever deserved<BR><P>

We were wild and free<BR>
I remember those days<BR>
Like a time machine<BR>
I know you had to escape<BR>
Like a time machine<BR>
We have drifted away<BR>
Like a time machine<BR>
The memories are all that remains<BR>

© 2/21/2022  Bruce Clifford
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