Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Cherish Each Moment


By Bud Lemire

Where did the time go, how was it spent
It sure did go fast, yes, it just went
Time goes so fast, I never see it go
Yet, I am in it, this I just know

I move ahead, with each second that goes by
It may seem to drag at times, but time does fly
Life takes a hold of you, and takes you along
On a journey of all, the weak and the strong

If you sat in a chair, twenty-four hours a day
Time would go by, without a word to say
If you enjoyed yourself, that would be okay
Yet time would still find your hair, eventually gray

I value the time, each moment I'm here
The time it is precious, each moment is dear
I try to make it count, because it means a lot
As I get older, there are some things I forgot

In a journal I write, so I can remember it all
So I can look back, when it's hard to recall
What can you do, when time passes you by
Cherish each moment, until it's your time to die

©May 3, 2022 Bud Lemire

                         Author Note:

Time seems to go by fast, and things never last.
So you must cherish them as much as you can.
Enjoy them to the fullest. Live life! Be all you
can be, do all you can do. Be you!


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