Wednesday, June 1, 2022

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

What If?

Many believe that when we pass over, we immediately transform from flesh and blood to pure invisible spiritual energy. What does pure invisible spirit energy, that is made from God’s image, do?

Everything imaginable. It cannot be destroyed. Like the wind, it is invisible, and it cannot be destroyed.

So what if The universe said, for the next week, everyone on planet earth, will be in spirit form, like they would when they pass over.

How would that affect me you ask? Without the brain, and being like God, we would remember who we truly are..Spirits with unconditional love.

Picture if you will, our world with unconditional love.

You couldn’t hurt a fly. Maybe there wouldn’t be fly’s around, but the animals would be spirits as well. Would we see our houses? Yes and no. In reality, they don’t exist, they are a frequency. In our physical we see them, in our spirit, they are not there, but if we choose to, we can see them.

No time, in the spirit world. Why would there be? We are part of everything. We become all. I am. Heaven is a state of being. Being. Some say how boring. I say, no, how amazing. We are everything, and we can do anything.

Sometimes humans say, they would love to be a fly on the wall. OK., so we can snoop. We wouldn’t choose to snoop. Our thinking Is not like our human minds. It is pure unconditional love, All-knowing, all loving.

Well that would mean we are like God in his image!

Exactly. Knowing this we are very powerful humans as well. We know more than we think we do. We need to change our thinking to...I can, and not, I cannot. Start loving self. Know your worth, be positive, and love.
Judith 5/30/2022

Knowing each person is on their own journey, then what right do we have to say our thoughts are right and someone else's is wrong. We Judge as individuals or as a group, political, religious, etc. Many believe we stand before God at the end of time... if so, we will not be with a group, we would be by ourselves. We stand alone. Follow our own hearts, and let others follow theirs. It truly is our journey.


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