Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Gun


By Bud Lemire

My heart is heavy, my heart is like lead
I try not to think about it, before going to bed
When the day is so busy, in the quiet of the night
There's so much that's wrong, when it should be all right

Crazy people with guns, shooting everyone everywhere
The schools, the stores, giving everyone a scare
What's this world coming to, when someone can carry a gun
And go on a shootout in this world, killing everyone

I think people buying guns, before crossing the line
Need a psyche evaluation, it may stop the crime
Yet then again, it could just happen one day
When sane turns to insane, and the psycho got away

Will we ever truly understand, what makes them do
Like having a shootout, did we miss a clue
I keep thinking, of what the relatives go through
Losing a loved one, the grief that's so true

We've been battling this issue, for many a year
What will it take, before we lose someone we hold dear
We need new laws, for the weapons that kill
To cut out these shootings, maybe pass a new bill
We need to crack down, before it kills everyone
Because it's gotten so crazy, when it comes to The Gun

©May 25, 2022 Bud Lemire

                          Author Note:

I truly believe the gun issue needs to be reviewed more,
and new action must be taken to insure the safety of our
citizens. We need to find a way to make it safer for us.
So we don't have to worry about being shot when we go
somewhere. There must be a way, let's find it.


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