Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I Can't Believe

By Bruce Clifford

I can’t believe all you have been through.
It’s so hard to conceive how you fell out of the blue.
I can’t believe there was ever a me-and-you.

 I can’t reconcile how anyone could do.
All those hurtful things that have happened to you.
Your casual smile is a memory I’ve always kept.

Within the blink of an eye, the years left me with a love I can’t forget.
I can’t believe how anyone could cause you pain.
It’s like make-believe in the chaos of thunder and rain.

I can’t believe all you have been through
It’s so hard to see how anyone could do this to you.
I can’t believe what my heart is telling me to do.

I’ve often wondered about what could have been.
Have you ever thought about how life would have happened
If we had found a place to begin?

I can’t believe all the hurt you have been through.
It’s too hard to see how you came to this platitude.
I can’t believe there was never a time I haven’t thought of you.

  ©12/29/2022 Bruce Clifford

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