Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Love Stanzas

 By Lseeker

(Encore for Valentine's Day)

Let the words flow, dear soul. To me,
I know you awaken in me a passion to be.
And strive to make wrong right
and take all upon some magical flight.
To the clouds above the heavenly sky,
so that we might play and hide.
There, over there, in that poufy form,
like some college dorm,
rolling by our play ground.
Where the wind is our only sound.
And the stars are even closer to touch,
and the moon but a tear drop's blush.
And I'll jump through the poufs of cloud,
and the thunder claps loud.
Sending us all in a hurry frenzy,
of childish glee...

Stanza II

I've dreamed you so many times untold.
Like some type of magical dream quest to unfold.
But always I'm left so cold. To wake again alone,
in some type of world that is known.
Wanting not to sleep again,
until my heart has its mend.
But when I'm there with you I know, I never want to wake.
And feel this low, or have my heart ache.
Perhaps we will meet again tonight,
as I put my head down and slowly lose sight.

Stanza III

I'm no wizard, nor a magical beast.
I'm no knight or kings feast.
I'm no vampire drawing blood.
Or hero stopping a flood.
I'm no spinner of tales,
or traveler of dales.
I'm no ranger of forest,
or the river's running course.
I'm no rain dancer,
nor do I know the searching answer.
But I do know, in my heart's beat
I have mastered a magical feat,
And can make anything happen, with you by me
As we fall laughing into our hearts magical sea.

Stanza IV

And until you answer my prayers I will sit here lonely.
Loving and caring for you only.
And as the whispering wind drifts by,
I'll sit here and whisper a peaceful sigh
Then close my eyes and dream of the only pictures I have.
And maybe I'll laugh.
So as the sparks of my campfire ignite the nights, in brilliant light.
I'll picture you, the most wondrous sight.
And smile deeply,
until the moon catches me sleeping.

Stanza V

Oh I know what they say dear,
and I tremble with fear.
For they whisper to me,
so silently, so harshly.
"Don't live the past man,
but the future and its land"
And I bow my head, not wanting to hear,
because you aren't there taking away my fear.
Just a past dream long ago, haunting me forever untold.
But I'll sit here waiting silently seeking.
You in my heart weeping.
{{ Sets another log in the fire}}
And as I toss away another log of my faith,
I'm lost to my unforetold fate.
Wondering how long more I must wait.
Aye, for my heart bleeds every night and day.
To only hear your enchanting voice of blissful sway...

Stanza VI

I don't know where I would start, or begin.
Without the hope I know within.
And the fate of my prayers unheard.
And the ache as my heart yearns.
But ironically,
I truly don't know what the morning would be.
If I had you with me.
Only a dream only a hope.
Only a thought I keep a float.
You're so far away, yet so close to me.
But what would I do
with you.
What would I know,
this old soul.
How would I dance,
in some dream of a romance.
To take that chance,
to travel that distance.
I don't care anymore,
I'd fall to my knees a hundred times more.
If only I could be yours...

©2001 Lseeker

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