Wednesday, February 1, 2023

On Trek

 By Judith Kroll

Youth and Elderly

When I was young, I wanted to get older
I wanted the freedom that older folks had
I wanted a car, make money, have fun
fall in love with that special one.

Sandcastles were mine, my dreams were many
hot dogs and amusement parks aplenty
When I got my job my time was not mine,
my shoulders were sinking over time

I am older now, and when I look back,
I see my mistakes, that's a fact.
As I age day by day, I find life another way
Live the the present, the now, today!!

So, I enjoy my coffee, my pets and my friends
my laughter now echo's from coming deep within.
I talk to the trees, flowers and birds,
and enjoy every breath I take

My time is mine, I do what I love, living the moment, living the now
finding the sparkles that each moment brings, sparkles of life that live in the now!!
©1/26 2023 Judith Kroll

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