Monday, May 1, 2023

Editor's Corner

By Mary E. Adair

May 2023

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."  - Roald Dahl

Your editor cooked about three and a half quarts of Crowder Peas in the pressure cooker. Nostalgia for my Missouri Grandma Carrie Joslin’s Crowder Peas meal brought this on. Although she would have served them in a bechamel sauce, the table meat would be slices of fried ham, and the greens would be her Goldenrod Poke Salet ( made with freshly sprouted Poke, parboiled, rinsed, chopped and simmered briefly with bacon, drained and spread (while still bright green) down the middle of a big white china platter, edged down each side with golden, crumbled, hard boiled egg yolks, the whites chopped and spread in a narrow row down the center atop the poke greens with crisp fried and crumbled bacon in a slim band centering the egg whites. I can see it shining in the middle of the long oak table, covered with a red and white checkerboard oilcloth, from my seat on the bench down one side, that could easily seat six to eight younguns, (as Grandpa called us kids.) The biscuits would be fist sized Buttermilk ones made in Grandpa’s cast iron wood stove, but the rest of the meal prepared on Grandma’s cherished, four burners and oven, butane white enameled kitchen stove. And yes, she is the grandmother who tithed her garden.

Blessed memories. Perhaps coming now as that was the house where yours truly was born on the eighth day of this month eighty-eight years ago. This is also the month that Mothers are honored with a day of remembrance and celebation, althogh this year has it the latest that it can occur in the month as it is always designated for the second Sunday of May. We do present a couple of poems honoring the poet's mom, and Thomas F. O'Neill remembers and reminds others to wish all mothers the best!

Lena May (Joslin)Carroll and
first child Mary Elizabeth.

Such reminisences are comforting, but now let's get to what is happening this issue in the 26th volume of this International eZine that has published the compositions of over 500 authors. Our columnists seem more than anxious for Summer's activities.

First, please notice the Tribute articles, one for the late Leo C. Helmer, and one for your editor's mother Lena May (Joslin) Carroll. These two, like yours truly, also had May birthdays, deeming us all as Taurians. We visited a lot and got along well, but when traveling the stubborn trait well known in persons from that segment of the Astrological Chart rose to its full capacity. Each knowing their choice of roadway must be correct. Do miss our times together.

Our poets with their varied interests present their perspective on life in many unique compositions.

Walt Perryman, is a retired Oil Exploration man who worked in nearly all, if not all, of the various jobs in that industry all around the world. Born in Grandfalls TX, he now resides in Lukenbach, TX.. His poetry this issue includes for Mother's Day "Letter to My Mother." His other two are "Rant about Cell Phones" and "Another Sunrise is Fixing to Rise."

Meanwhile, also stepping up to the challenge of their muses, this issue brings:

    Bruce Clifford "Sentimental Ways".

    Bud Lemire, "Songs Mom Sang," "The Veil is Fadingt," and "Souls Passing Through Life."

    John I Blair sent his poem "Mock Oranges."  .

    Linnie Jane Joslin Burks poems are "She Loved Me" and "We Hold The Gladness."

    Mary E. Adair , yes, yours truly, shows poems "Warming Up" and "Magic Carpet."

Our columnists have treats in store with their particular viewpoints:

    Melinda Cohenour, expresses how intriguing for family researchers the new Ancestry DNA collections are.

    "Armchair Genealogy"

    Marilyn Carnell has compliments for Asian TV.

    "Sifoddling Along"

    Danielle Serar, discusses how much we can learn about socializing (and probably shhould ) from our little children.

    "A Mother's Lessons"

    Judith Kroll, asks how to capture sense-stirring views.

    "On Trek"

    Mattie Lennon, speaks about Proverbs, a Harper, and a couple of Masks.

    "Irish Eyes"

    Thomas F. O'Neill, welcomes May and all it can mean.


    Rod Cohenour, still convalescing, features niece SeLena May Olgin as guest Chef in an Encore Guest Column by Leo C. Helmer.

    "Cooking with Rod"

    Mary E. Adair, in addition to the two poems, while preparing this issue, could feel MomaMay making suggestions just as she used to do when we were chatting online together.

    "Tribute to Lena May Joslin Carroll"

    Pencil Stubs Online is maintained by the diligence of our webmaster and beloved friend, Michael Craner.

    who is also Co-Founder, shown in 1998 and current 2023 pics

    Having been published in one of AMEA Publications magazines, "Hobbie$, Etc." that was a newspaper format, monthly magazine that went to 42 USA states, including Alaska and Hawaii, and six other countries, Mike was unhappy when we decided to stop publishing it a little over a year after founder and publisher A G Adair passed away. The increase in publication and mailing fees especially to non-continental based subscribers was prohibitive, forcing a closure. Mike stepped forward and said as he had begun doing websites that he would like us to work together to keep a publication going. And here we are, now in our 26th year and still providing a quality outlet for authors, both established book authors and playwrights as well as those just venturing forth to show their creativity. Thanks again, Mike!

    See you in June!

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