Monday, May 1, 2023

Magic Carpet

By Mary E. Adair

(Dedicated to my daughter Katheryne Elizabeth Brice.)

You always loved to read
Even as a child
And some of the tales chosen
Could be a little wild

There were those of flying
Up into the mystic sky
And soaring among the clouds
In the beautiful blue up high

But now you've been given
A chance to dream for real
With a technological advance
That's helped many to heal

It is a marvel of Science
That lifts one into its bower
Upon a Magic Carpet of Glass
And bathes you with its power

You only need to close your eyes
Disrobed enough to doze
And ride upon the Magic Carpet
That requires no special clothes

Turning you this way or that
You only rest and recline
Upon this magic conveyance
With new health its true design

It follows a special map
Planned just for your trip
Spinning you left or right
Like a spiral beneath your hip

It's only for a brief time
Your magic ride in the light
That showers blessings upon you
A major weapon in your fight

Your battle to overcome
Restrictions to your choices
So ride the Magic Carpet
And listen to the voices

Of encouragement and plans
From the Magic Carpet guides
And bask in the knowledge
You were chosen for its rides

Trips you will always remember
For what you never did dream
Be grateful you got this chance
And be grateful for the Cream

©April 22, 2023 Mary E. Adair


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