Monday, May 1, 2023

On Trek

By Judith Kroll

How to capture that sense-stirring View?

Do I paint it with a brush?

Do I use my camera for a picture?

I could describe it with words that ebb and flow with love.

It is snuggled in my memory bank, settled in.

When I close my eyes and mentally visualize,

I feel, see, smell, and hear the magnificent view.

All My senses have arisen for the moment of memory.

It compares to seeing a loved one’s face,

We are no longer able to “see” on the planet.

A person, an animal, a place, or a thing.

All is forever etched into our hearts,

Our soul, our whole being.

Many forever memories exist within.

Judith 4/20/23

Purple Poppy photo sent by
Baruch Frenkel of Haifa, Israel,
who says "Nature is Awesome"

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