Monday, May 1, 2023

Warming Up

By Mary E. Adair

As the temperature goes up
My weight comes down
More things to do than
Eating out around town

Less watching Live TV
With enticing ads of food
Everything looks delicious
And promises it'll be good

Stacks of pancakes
Syrupy and glossy with butter
Sighs of satisfaction
They promise you'll utter

Bowls of salads fresh and green
And steaks still pink in the center
Baked potatoes, split and fluffed
Instant Friendship implied when you enter

So, let's go camping instead
Beside some rippling stream
Climb up some mountain
And live your best dream

Outdoor weather and sunshine
Are calling out my name
Getting about and going
Is warm weather's game

You can't just stagnate
And snack until you're fat
Fun and traveling around
Is where Summer's at!

©4/15/2023 Mary E. Adair

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