Thursday, June 1, 2023


By Bud Lemire

It takes six dice, to play a game of Greed
You shake them, roll them, see where it will lead
You get fifty, if you roll a five
A one is one hundred, and you must strive
Three fives is five hundred, keep on going
Three dice to go, just keep on throwing
You didn't get anything, you lost it all
You just never know, where the dice will fall

Three ones are one thousand, three dice left to throw
You might get lucky, your points could grow
If you get four of a number, you double the three
Knowing when to stop throwing, is part of the key
If you roll six ones, you get an eight thousand score
You could roll them again, either lose it or get more
It's all about shaking, and taking a chance
Where the dice will stop, at the end of a dance

You can have three pairs, for an eight hundred score
Play on the table, it's no fun playing on the floor
You get twelve hundred, if you have a straight
Having a high score, makes you feel pretty great
You need ten thousand or more, if you're going out
Winning the game, isn't always what this game is about
It's about the enjoyment of, getting together with friends
Makes the day even more special, when the night ends

©May 11, 2023 Bud Lemire

                        Author Note:

I love playing Greed with all my friends here at the
Harbor Tower. It's fun to get together and play and
chat awhile, and just have a great time together.


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