Thursday, June 1, 2023

Writer of Kentucky Tales


By Carrie E. Joslin

Today a message came to me
       From Old Kentucky State.
From one who, with eloquence, writes
       Its wonders to relate!
She writes of Kentucky “fast horses,”
       Of her “beautiful women” , too;
Of men who are brave and worthy,
       And of the noble deeds they do!
She writes of “friends and neighbors,”
       Some have gone to their last long rest;
Some who have been a “thorn in the flesh”
       And, some who have stood the test,
And, as I read these beautiful poems,
       Of hill and vale and stone,
I know she loves her native state,
       Just as I love my own.
I know that she has friends and neighbors like mine
       I can see them all so plain;
I know she loves the sunshine
       The snow and the gentle rain.
I shall treasure this book of poems
       And will read them again and again;
And some of them fitted to a tune,
       I joyously will sing.
It do love the tales and the by-paths
       Of the beautiful blue-grass state;
I promised to meet the writer
       And I know for me she will wait.
Now, I thank the writer truly,
       For the joy she has brought to me;
And I pray that God will bless her
       With peace, health and prosperity.

© Carrie E. Joslin

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