Friday, September 1, 2023

Home Blessing


By Kay Forristal

Bless our home, Dear Lord, keep its foundations strong.
Help those who live within to find peace and get along.
Encourage us to sow seeds of love and share all we possess
Pray that those less fortunate may find true happiness.

Help us to remember that each day blends into night
And quarrels left unsorted are like windows without light.
Words sincerely spoken can often heal a smart
And touch a darkened place in a cold unhappy heart.

Bless our front and back doors, Lord
And those who come and go
Touch them with your tender hand
Be with them as they grow.

Grant that those who leave are happy
Protect them from above
Keep our home a safe haven
For those we care for and love.

©1998 Kay Forristal

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