Wednesday, May 1, 2024

A Few Thoughts to Dwell On

 By Walt Perryman

I believe our lives are made up of the roads we take,
And our quality of life depends on the choices we make.

I believe your conscience is a God given gift to you.
But you’ll never do what’s right if your heart isn’t true!

The most important opinion you will have on earth.
Is your own opinion of you and your own self-worth.

When you know the right thing to do in life is good,
But it means nothing unless you do what you should.

I believe one of our most dangerous enemies is greed,
And greed is one of our biggest obstacles to succeed.

Many Pastors preach that the answer to everything is love.
I believe there’s a Hell as much as I believe in Heaven above.

I believe, we need to get our priorities in line,
And put God first, only then, we will be fine.

©Apr 28, 2024 Walt Perryman

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