Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Point of View

By Bruce Clifford

I wish there was more to see when it is dark.
There must be a way to break through this fog.
She left me hanging without a heart to hold.
I never knew I would never let go.

I once thought the promise we made was real.
How can we reach the point where we know how to feel?

She took my heart and left it to bleed.
She stole my sole and created the seed.
She left me empty alone in a dream.
She was once all mine until she turned off the beam.

I wish there was a way to walk in that park.
There must be a way to remember who we are.
She left me alone without a place to call home.
I never knew another way to live this life all alone.

I once thought I meant something to you.
How can we reach the moment
Where we share the same point of view.
I wish I knew.

©4/11/2024 Bruce Clifford

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