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By Pauline Evanosky

Pretend Is Not Something You Grow Out Of

Pretending is a valuable learning tool for pretty much anything you do. So is daydreaming, but pretend is what I want to talk about now.

When I became a psychic channel, I didn’t have anybody at the time who I could meet with for coffee to ask how they felt about being a channel. I did learn from books, but books are like your Sunday best clothes—your go-to-meeting clothes, as some people call them—the good stuff. When I was a girl, that included a hat for my mother and a small chapel veil for the girls.

Presumably, most of the how-to books you read about anything, including psychic channels, don’t discuss everything involved. They just don’t.

This is not to infer that all the instructors out there for books, YouTube videos, or scholarly texts are bad. Not at all. They can only cover what they’ve learned. But I seldom come across anybody who recommends pretending as a method of learning something.

The books did not indicate to my satisfaction how it would feel to fly on the astral; they just said that you could fly places in your imagination. There are some things you just need to experience to know for certain what people are talking about.

So, here is a pretend exercise you can use to learn to fly on the astral. Pretend to walk down your hallway with your eyes closed. I’m not kidding. Slowly, please. You don’t want to fall down the stairs or mash your toes against something that would only startle you and ruin the exercise. I can tell you from experience that’s what happens.

The easiest way I did it was to lie down in my bed. You could also try it in an easy chair if you tend to fall asleep for a nap while lying down. Anyway, lie on your bed and, without moving, with your eyes closed, imagine in your head, pretend, that you are now sitting up and have put your feet on the floor beside your bed.

This is all pretend, okay? These are tiny steps. It’s like learning how to swim. You just take baby steps and one day you can absolutely do 15 laps in the pool without difficulty.

If you wear glasses, find those and put them on. All the while pretending in your head. Put some slippers on if you normally wear them. If you keep a robe lying at the end of your bed, get up, walk around to where it is, and put it on.

In reality, you have not shifted one inch from your bed. You are just walking yourself through the steps of sitting up, putting on your glasses and your slippers, and getting your robe on. Pretend, right?

In your pretend mind, walk to your bedroom door. You can put your hands out to steady yourself on the door jamb if you want to. Now, walk down the hallway. You can touch the wall along the way if you want to. The idea is to get to the front door of your house or apartment.

Now, open the door. It doesn’t matter if it is night or during the day.

Ideally, you would stand at your front door and look out. You would see what you usually see: the trees out front, the grass, toys if the kids in your house have not put them away, or perhaps a chalk drawing on the sidewalk somebody made. Look up.

And fly. Think of how easily a bird goes from sitting on a branch to the point where it is flying across the yard. Think of how you swim and how you launch yourself from the side of the pool into the water to swim or drift in the water. Same idea.

You fly because you know how to fly in this pretend place of yours.

In my astral travels, I never stayed on the front porch for long. I always went right up into the air, where I was steady and did not falter. Although I can’t rollerskate, I am okay with flying. Think of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell as they flew together to Never Never Land.

I discovered that I was comfortable flying around my house at night. The street lights were on, and I could see the roads. I could see nearby stores and the neighbors. I saw landmarks, and I was generally about twenty feet off the ground.

One time, I told my sister what I was doing and asked her if it was okay to visit her at home. We live about 900 miles apart, which is 14 ½ hours by car. Neither of us knew if it would work, but somehow, I didn’t want to scare her if she could tell I was there.

Night fell and I tried. The thing is, as soon as the thought was in my head to go to see her once I was airborne above my house, I was there. There was no in-between. It was the fastest I had ever gone anywhere in my life. I found myself crouching down next to one of her kitchen cabinets. I could hear her and her husband in the living room. They were watching television and talking. But I remained crouching because I didn’t want to frighten her husband. My sister and I had discussed the possibility of me visiting via astral travel. What I did not know was whether she had told my brother-in-law. In that second, I was back in bed.

I haven’t done any astral flying since then, though it would be lovely to visit one of my childhood homes, the one in Norway. I don’t know if the lilac grove is still there, and I know the apple orchard is gone to make room for a nice swimming pool. All that is courtesy of Google Maps, but wouldn’t it be nice just to see the place again? It was a nice house.

The idea, though, is that you can go anywhere. You can go to the Swiss Alps. You could go see the fjords in Norway. You could go see the beaches on the French Riveria. You could see the Redwoods in Yosemite. You could go see the Alamo.

Pretending gets you going. Dreams keep it moving along.

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Thanks for reading.

Pauline Evanosky

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