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Ara Parisien-Author-Medium-Spiritual Teacher

By Ara Parisien

What No One Tells You When You Are Looking For A Psychic Medium
July 23, 2023

So many times on social media I see people asking for recommendations for a psychic medium to consult with. It is amazing to see the response from those eager to proffer names in glowing terms. More often than not, the words used are ‘fantastic’ or ‘accurate’ which, from a high-view, is a good thing to know. However, there is more to determining a ‘good fit’ when it comes to seeking guidance in something as important as your very life.


Accuracy is paramount, of course. But there is so much more! In my estimation, a reading can only be as effective as the clarity within the reader. This takes much inner work to achieve and it is always a work-in-progress. All information, whether psychic or mediumistic, is flowing through the one offering the messages. In this way the messaging is influenced by whatever energy is being held in the reader, be it positive or negative. A lack of clarity and inner work on the part of the reader will result in a mediocre experience at best.


Take your time in your selection. Peruse social media. Pay special attention to whether the person is ‘walking their talk’ in life. Are they posting explosive, judgmental comments? Are they displaying victimhood by pointing fingers and crying foul? Then this may not be the one to seek guidance from in your life. While we all have human traits that seem to want to be displayed by knee-jerk reactions, one who has done their work knows how to override the negativity. Just watch and learn and then decide. If you are still in doubt, contact the reader and ask to speak with them about their work. You will be surprised at how much can be gleaned during a simple conversation.


Word-of-mouth is the most powerful advertisement of all. I know, because for decades I have relied upon it and it has worked beautifully. I have also taken the time to offer consultations to those wanting to know more before engaging in my services. I love this! It provides both parties a little insight into expectations and measurables before a session is conducted. This comfort level is important to me as I understand whomever I do readings for should be comfortable too.

When considering seeking guidance from a psychic medium it is important for you to do your homework. Only someone who is truly committed to their service will do when it comes to engaging in your life. That commitment should be on display at all times.

The services provided by psychic mediums are not about entertainment or parlor games. It is a serious endeavour that helps heal, guide, inspire, encourage, love, and most of all, empower. You are worth the dignity of your own efforts by virtue of doing your homework to ensure you are engaging only the best!



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