Monday, July 1, 2024

My Own AI

 By Bud Lemire

I was raised, to be my own AI
I'll be that way, until the day I die
Don't need an AI, telling me what to do
I know enough, to always help get through

The AI is taking over, everything we see
They say, it's the latest technology
I'm not sure I'll like it, I'm not sure I will
When an AI tells me, I need to take a pill

They say in the future, the AI will have a mind of their own
Why they'll most likely, be listening in on the phone
They'll take over everything, humans will be obsolete
Soon you won't know if they're humans or AI, when you meet

Soon AI will know everything, and so much more
They'll even question, what do we have humans for
An AI as a robot, who resembles a human to a tee
You what know what you're dating, in what you see

Then again I wonder, some humans aren't so good
They don't exactly do the things that they should
I guess we'll just have to, give it all a try
Yet, who decides, if the world is ready for AI

©Jun 16, 2024 Bud Lemire

                      Author Note:

AI is taking over everything. They are really great at
all they do. But the thing is, will the AI be taking over
everything? What will become of us?
Only time will tell.


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