Monday, July 1, 2024

Marie, A Special Friend

 By Bud Lemire

She was my “In Home” client, I met a few years ago
Every Friday afternoon, it was her home where I'd show
We played Cribbage, and we'd have a lot of fun
Time went way too fast, before long our time was done

She knew my brother Terry, he loved Cribbage too
I was happy to know someone, that my brother knew
Her daughter Deb, was my neighbor long ago
She knew me, I couldn't remember her though

Marie and I, would take time to listen to music there
She had a lot of albums, and music we would share
I came to love this woman, who loved life so strong
I knew that every Friday, this is where I belong

She had the biggest heart, of anyone I knew
Stories that she shared, so much she has been through
Every time before I'd leave, she'd have to have a hug
On the table next to her, was her coffee mug

She moved to Christian Park, then to Bishop Noa Home
That's where this Senior Companion, always loved to roam
Looking back, I'll always remember the times we shared
Of a special woman, who always showed she cared

An Angel came to get her, and said “Your time here is through”
“In the Spirit World, there's so much you'll be able to do”
Marie looked surprised, and then said “Am I dead?”
“You're more alive than ever” is what the Angel said

©June 16, 2024 Bud Lemire


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