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By Pauline Evanosky

The Less Anxious You Are, the Better Things Get

As a psychic, I learned this slowly, but eventually, I got a handle on it. If you force a psychic connection, things can become quite difficult and distorted—not all the time, just in the before- you-are-ready stages. My guide, Seth, would occasionally remind me, “Have I got a bridge for you!” That was my signal to slow down a little. So, either nothing happens because you are just not noticing the right things or you’re trying to force something that just doesn’t want to budge yet.

It’s like moving your bowels. If you are relaxed, stuff just moves along. Sorry, I have a barnyard sense of humor, but the example seemed appropriate, especially because everybody can relate to it.

I understand that people are anxious whenever they start something new. I never enjoyed dancing more than when I stopped spending so much time watching my feet.

I suppose a waitress carrying several dishes is better able to balance them if she doesn’t look directly at them, though I never learned that skill. It turns out that I have had outwardly focusing eyes since I was a little girl. It wasn’t until I was an adult that an eye doctor diagnosed it. They say if your child can’t catch a ball, that’s a signal that something might be wrong. I’ve never been able to catch a thing. I can remember being hit on the head with a basketball, which, to anyone else, would have been easy enough to either catch or deflect. Nobody wanted me on their team after that. And, as an adult, if someone tossed me a set of keys, I’ve never been able to catch them.

I have a friend who once went to a senior’s class on aging and came back to report to me that people who are aging are less likely to fall if they are not focused on the ground directly beneath their feet but gaze out to where they are going. It takes a little getting used to, but it helps.

When I first learned to drive, my father told me not to watch things too closely that were going on at the side of the road. He said I would naturally begin to steer toward them. In the next moment in the car, I did just that. I believe he was quite tense. It was another three years before I finally got my license.

When you are trying to be a little more psychic, it helps to understand that nothing will hurt you. I realize that you, like I did, have certain expectations about the unseen world of spirit, and some of it is cautionary advice. It’s actually good advice, but it is not entirely true. Keep an open mind, and you will be fine.

For one thing, I do not believe in demons. I also don’t believe in the devil, though I do believe in God. I do, however, believe in evil. So, yes, there are evil spirits out there, floating around, just ready to pounce on somebody who isn’t going to say no to them.

If you think about how good criminals can be, it’s because they are ever watchful for opportunities and will not turn one down. You do not want to get near something simmering with evil. It’s not that they are all over the place, but they are there. Once, it happened to me, and it took a while before I could shake him. And, yes, it was scary. So, I know personally what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a totally obnoxious entity.

Nancy Reagan had the right idea when she said, “Just say no.” I know she was talking about kids using drugs, but the same idea helps when you begin to explore the psychic regions of space to have a firm idea of what is right and what is wrong. And, if any odd feeling persists, just lay off of it and tell them to go away.

What I’m talking about are voices that use a lot of swear words, are especially nasty, and make fun of you. Guides will do that because they do have an odd sense of teaching, but not in the beginning. At least, that has been my own experience.

Another thing to do is to insist that you only speak to your spirit guide. There is lots of time later on to talk to other interesting folks in spirit, but in the beginning, talk only to your own spirit guide. How can you tell it is them? This is the part where you have to take it all on faith. It also helps to ask your spirit guide to protect you from curious passersby.

Which is what the evil spirits you perceived in the beginning might just turn out to be in the end. So, in that instance, they were not truly evil; they were just messing with you more than your own spirit guide would do.

I speak from my own experience with all of this. Other psychics will have different advice for you, but I am a common-sense person in much of what I do, which also includes psychic stuff.

I had a lot of preconceived ideas and beliefs when I first ventured into the realms of spirit that were unknown to me. Like I thought I would be safe after I’d made contact. Yes, the guides will watch out for you, but if you’ve got a major life lesson in the offing and you need to be taken down a rung or two to learn it, then, no, they won’t help. As my guide once said to me when I was angry, he hadn’t warned me about something, “We are not here to make your life easy. However, we can definitely help you get back on your feet and dust you off a little bit."

What have I learned in the years since I have been channeling? These last 30 years? Well, I learned to develop patience. I learned that sometimes bad stuff is really good stuff in disguise. I learned not to blame others for things I didn’t agree with. I have learned to be kinder to myself. I learned that failures aren’t really failures. They are merely steps in the right direction. It’s just the things I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are other benefits.

Have a good summer, and I’ll see you next month.
Pauline Evanosky

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