Monday, July 1, 2024


By Bud Lemire

It's all Bafflegab you see
Confusing words they are to me
It's just a bunch of gobbledegook
To non-Yoopers it's like wearing a chook

Mumbo Jumbo, if you are lucky
Just an assortment of Horse Pucky
Even when you use your noodle
It can be as bad as Flapdoodle

With all things you know, and all things you knew
I'd think the right word to call it, would be Gobbledegoo
You don't always get your wish
In these times it can be Jibberish

It can be small, or it can be very big
It might even be, a thingamyjig
Sometimes it can get so very sticky
To wash your hands, you'll need a Doohickey

No matter what, you hear or see
It turns out to be, just Mallarkey
You can do your best at your job
And come across, a Thingummabob

You can try your best, with all of your wit
Yet still call it what it is, a whatchamacallit
Just remember to never give up, give it a stab
You'll only find out, that it's all Bafflegab

©Mar 07, 2024 Bud Lemire

                        Author Note:

It's interesting the words we use in place of
other words. We've come up with some doozies.

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