Monday, July 1, 2024

Editor's Corner

 By Mary E. Adair

July 2024

"July is hollyhocks and hammocks,
fireworks and vacations,
hot and steamy weather,
cool and refreshing swims,
  beach picnics, and            
                          vegetables  all out of the garden."                               
- Jean Hersey

That quote describes an idealic period of time which is not true everywhere because in our western desert area, for instance, temperatures are likely to prohibit or curtail much that is mentioned. June has already treated us to triple digit temperatures. Parts of New Mexico endured fire devastation followed by drenching rains that flooded the same locations. Other states also experienced an over-abundance of rainfall, and one western state's mountainous section had an unusual snowy day. So perhaps July will perform more judiciously and bring calmer and more enjoyable weather.

Authors tend to write less, or less often, when days are pleasant enough to get out and around, and summer activities are welcomed distractions.

Thankfully, we received July's poetry and columns in a timely manner. Important point for your editor who has been breaking in a new computer quite advanced compared to her faithful and ancient standby. We have a well rounded assortment of reading this month.

Thomas F. O'Neill in "Introspective" discusses the importance most people place on living a "purposeful life." Marilyn Carnell's column "Sifoddling Along" discloses joys of past vacations. Judith Kroll's column "On Trek," points out how ones actions count. Pauline Evanosky's column "Woo Woo," thoughtfully views the mistake often made of forcing action before ample preparation. Ara Parisien's column "Author-Medium-Spiritual Teacher" reminds the reader that when seeking guidance for yourself in your life, that "a good fit" with the prospective advisor is preeminent.

Rod Cohenour's column is an encore as we are re-visiting the genealogy of the Cohenour family history and this is a repeat of his first cooking column with us. "Armchair Genealogy" by columnist Melinda Cohenour shares her history findings concerning her husband's lineage, bringing part two of last issue's focus. Mattie Lennon's "Irish Eyes" column tells of an exuberant reception for the Listowel's Writers Week of 2024, and adds details.

Walt Perryman's three poems "Changes," "Happiness," and "Perryman News Update" are like Walt himself--discerning and overall happy. John I. Blair's three poems include two encores from previous July issues ("By The Sea At Port Arransas" and "Time To Laugh") plus his "Redbuds" composed in June.

Bud Lemire's four poems are "My Own AI," "Marie, A Special Friend," "U.N.C.L.E. Affair," and "Bafflegab." Each of the four include illustrations by Lemire. Bruce Clifford's two poems are "159th" and "We Both Had Dreams."

Pencil Stubs Online co-founded by Mike Craner and your editor, is still going strong in its 27th year because of his original expertise. I continue to express my gratitude to my talented friend and creative webmaster Mike Craner. We place our confidence in him as we have in the past and shall continue doing so.

See you in July!

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