Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Vote

When it's time to vote
What will you stand for,
What cause fills your heart
With joy and much more.

Have you listened well
To the vocal crowd
Or clung to your choice
With no change allowed

And if/when it fails
To come out on top
Will it crush you down
Will your heart just stop

If so, you're not grown
An infant it seems
For starting over fuels
The survivor dreams

Your own truth will win
You've chosen so well
Seems almost a sin

Such experience
Enriches the mind
Then growth for your soul
Is not far behind

You'll learn to define
An ultimate choice
That thrills you down deep
And tunes up your voice

For if you're silent
It's a real bummer
And instead of wiser
You'll feel dumber

We abuse our right
By ignoring it
So march to the Polls
And there do your bit

One vote plus others
Will carry the day,
Fill the office well--
Yes, that is the way!

©2/17/2010  Mary E. Adair
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