Monday, March 1, 2010

Thirty Years Gone

You came back into my life
Osborne Avenue and the waves
Rolling down the driveway in a box
Hot chocolate and memories we saved

Thirty years seems just like one day
In each house we wonder who remains
A lifetime ago we all carried on
All at once it was gone, gone, gone

With you here now I can remember
What it was like when we were just kids
All of the friendships we should have treasured
All the crazy little things we did

Flashlight tag on cool summer nights
Waiting for the school bus and getting into fights
Maybe we were crazy for doing it right
Thirty years seems just like one lonely night

Here we are almost like before
So far away from the town, but so close to each others door
It's not like we forgot, but we had to move on
It's good to know it was never gone, gone, gone

 ©2/27/10 By Bruce Clifford
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1 comment:

  1. This is a poem that touches me more each time I read it. Well done, Bruce.