Monday, March 1, 2010

Angel Whispers

Spring is in the air!

Spring is around the corner, it truly is . This has been a long winter, though New England in the Boston area got off pretty good. We had a few storms but nothing big like two blizzards in a week. We have not gotten any Ice storms or high amounts of snow. Everywhere around us did get the horrid weather. We have a bit of snow from 2 storms ago and the snow from the last storm is long melted. The -10 cold temps didn’t appear here either… though we did get a few days of very cold temperatures hovering around 0 Degrees.

It’s the end of February now and very soon it will be March. SPRINGTIME! That is good news. I love the spring. The budding of new life, new flower buds, new tree buds. Birth of wild life occurs in the spring. The animals that have been resting all winter come out of hibernation.. New grass, the butterflies start to come around in May and the summer birds that were down south all winter come back to their summer living space..The days get warmer and the coats are replaced with sweaters or windbreakers.
I am not a lover of winter sports such as skiing or ice-skating. However, at one time I loved going sledding down a steep hill or going ice-skating on our neighborhood pond as I did as a child, in Southern Connecticut, many years ago. I still enjoy making a snowman with young children but I have not done that in a few years. The Olympics have been on these past few weeks and I have enjoyed every sport they have shown on the television. The precision and the skill each athlete shows us in their particular sport is quite awesome to me and to many others I am sure. The amount of work and practice for each of these athletes is amazing to me.

Spring to me is a time of new beginnings and a time of promise of good things happening to us. It’s a time for brightness and a time to get ready for the summer and a time to plant your flower and vegetable gardens. A time for decorating the back yard with the beautiful things nature has to offer.
I do not have a backyard; I have a balcony. I have a small table out there and a green rug. I plant lovely flowers in flower boxes and even try growing tomatoes. I have a few pots for herbs and spices too. It really looks nice and I love being outside with pretty things of nature.

Spring is a time of new beginnings as I said earlier. What new beginnings will you be engaged in for this coming spring. Will it be to go walking in the nice weather. Getting your garden ready for the late spring and summer months? Or will it be cleaning your yard and home or doing a little painting inside or outside the house? A little paint can do so much to add newness and crispness to your living space. Decluttering inside and outside is definitely a must. Archangel Jophiel is the angel to ask for help in this. As he, is the angel of space clearing and decluttering your space.
Happy Spring!

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