Monday, March 1, 2010

Leprechaun Lament

Have you ever seen a Leprechaun dance?
Seen him click his heels and merrily prance
And with magical powers generate romance
As he spears unsuspecting hearts with a lance.

He chose the victim with a transitory glance,
Brought a flush to her cheeks as no rouge could enhance,
Though he'd sought not a solitary soul to entrance,
Her heart and soul were captured by the Leprechaun's dance.
No harm meant he
To such as she
No devious scheme
Just expressing glee
He kissed her lips
As she came to grips
With his smile all abeam
Her heart did eclipse
Entrapment complete
Swift and neat
In a curious dream
All soft and sweet
With furrowed brow
She muses how
She'd thought them a team
With sacred vow
Sometimes her mind
Gentle and kind
Sings a silent scream
For now she can't find
The Leprechaun that she saw dance,
Saw him click his heels and . . .

©February 2010 Mary E. Adair

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