Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angel Whispers

We have So Much to be Grateful for...

There are some days that it is so hard to be thankful for things in our lives. Lately I am hearing we should be grateful for all aspects of our lives. I am grateful for a roof over my head, food at my table. But do I have to be grateful for the fact my tire went flat on the highway at mid day a few weeks ago?. As each car went by I noticed that I thanked our Lord for not letting cars and trucks crash into my car as they drove really fast near me. When I call my husband who is in Boston, at work he says AAA will not accept his father’s card, as it is not ours.

“Should I be thankful for that too? Lord?”

I mean how will I get off this highway safely. AHHH a light bulb moment! I can call 911 and they can help. Thank you for that wonderful idea. Why didn’t you suggest this to me sooner? So I call 911 and they put me through to a place that tows cars. I gave them the information and they came after 25 minutes and I praying each time a car went by at very high speeds. They came and said that my tire is flat. PHEW! Is that all it is? I am so relieved and so grateful the car can still be driven, after the tire is fixed.

Then he asked, “Do you have a spare tire?”

I said, “Yes, I have a spare tire.”

So he got the spare tire.

I ask, “Do I have to get out of the car?”

He said, “No, I can change the tire with you in the car.”


So I wait while he changes the tire. I pay him and off I go, very grateful that I had a few things to be grateful for.

God is great, yeah, yeah yeah. God is good, yeah, yeah, yeah. As I am driving down the highway to the tire store, I am ever so thankful that I am doing the driving and not paying $100 for the car to be towed. I did get to the tire store safely and I was able to have a new tire installed on my car. But I would have to wait two hours. I said that is fine. At least I am safe and I am really grateful for that . So dear Lord I guess that even when something that is not that great happens to me there are still good points to it, which makes me so grateful.

So in going back to my question at the beginning: do I have to be grateful for things even if they are bad? I believe I would have to say that yes there is good in that too, and sometimes you have to dig really deeply for feeling or knowing what you are grateful for. But there is usually one or two things you can find.

Yes it was a nuisance that my tire went flat on the highway, but I was able to drive to the shoulder of the highway. I was grateful for the man with the tow truck said I had a flat and that I could have my spare put on. I was grateful for saving $100 from not towing. I am grateful for my spare tire. I am grateful being safe once I started driving down the highway. I am grateful I had my phone with me that day. I was grateful that the angels were with me the whole time, keeping me calm through it all.

I find that when I make a list of things I am grateful for even its really hard to see what it is at the time, I find that being grateful for the minor things or things we take for granted are the most important things to acknowledge to our creator and to the universe. I have decided that when I am at a place of becoming very upset about a situation that if make my list I can see the good and what I am grateful for in light of the situation. So thank you, angels, and thank you, my higher power, for helping me to see this, so I can share this with others.

I urge to also do this when making your daily list of things to be grateful. Start from the very basic to the most complex…..It's a wonderful gift to the universe. They love it when we make our list..

Below you will see one of Peg's daily angel messages she receives:

Angel Whispers for Today

Create a time for you to spend in meditation. Create this place to feel at one with your Higher Power. You can put on soft music and light a candle. As you sit in a comfortable chair know that your angels are with you. You can hear their words of wisdom and feel their love for you. Listen for the message you haven't heard. Maybe it's an idea that felt very remote to you and you had heard it again. Know that the angels are validating and are helping you to see the realization of this vision. Be at peace for all is well.

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