Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tapes in my Head

Help me stop these tapes from playing in my head

Hold me in your arms and sing a song to me instead

Every time I get to this place where I think the coast is clear

This endless loop plays in my head and brings out my darkest fears

Help me quiet the static and noise that has been with me for so long

Point me to another world where people know how to get along

Help me stop these tapes in my head from playing all these wrongs

Sometimes there's faint memory of time when this noise used to sound like songs

Maybe I've been conditioned this way

Finally, I know I need to change

If I have to maybe I will just walk away

I need to be with the people who care about what I have to say

As I care about them each and everyday

Help me stop these tapes from playing in my head

Show me that there's hope and happiness instead

Every time I start to think the turn in the corner is near

I get shot down with no defense, make this noise disappear

©6/8/10 Bruce Clifford

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