Thursday, July 1, 2010

That Line

Level is not always fine,
Might just be walking down that line
Someone else has trod before,
So look around for something more.

Face value sounds honest, upright
Until you see the seams aren't tight
And precious thoughts can come and go
Even be lost amidst the flow.

Once we trusted one and all,
That was before our first fall -
We learned self reliance on that day
To trust our self, come what may.

We hesitate, dawdle, procrastinate,
Set on the back burner, stew and wait
When pondering patterns we oft repeat
Our list of errors, not yet complete.

Smooth and suave and self assured -
Listening sets traps I have endured -
So surely now the lesson I'll learn,
Before they access all I can earn.

Out of the quagmire, into the light,
I'll not retire without a fight -
It's too important to resign
And allow all hope to decline.

Speak from the heart, keeping it kind,
But accurately say what's on my mind,
That going along with what's been found
Results in being pushed around.

So seeking to narrow the solution
And purify choices in elocution,
And quietly inform with absolute calm
Will be, I believe, the ultimate balm.

It will change all things in my life,
Conquer the problems that are rife,
Settle the disputes, voiced or silent,
As for past door-matting, I repent.

Bracing for battle, hoping for the best,
Plead for reason, logic wins the test,
Stand staunchly while goals entertwine -
And once in awhile, step off that line.

©Jun 30, 2010 Mary E. Adair

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