Thursday, July 1, 2010

~SELF Righteous~

I’ve excised all my demons..
no hell fires deep inside
they’ve all burned out I’m crystal clean
a cold and empty corpse

No more demons of my own
they have all been laid bare
so now I have to hunt yours down
I know that they’re out there

Not a spark of demon left in me
no claw or scaly hand
So your soul is all that’s left
as I scour the land

My life is so pure
I have no sin to leave
I cleansed all mine
Not one left to cleave

So now I must help you
though you can not see
yes you needed saving
and I guess it must be me

Now you don’t have to bow your head
Nor do you have to pray
Just stay quiet within your house
and I’ll legislate away

Rest your weary head
your sins I must reveal
then and only then
you may begin to heal

Your path will not be paved
with stones of strife and regret
I will pave the path you need
You won’t need to fret

You don’t even need to know
which sins you had inside
your righteous path will quickly grow
just enjoy the ride

So much better with me to steer
for as I lead the law will show
your soul will not needed here
don’t worry I know the way to go

©10-29-09 MJMansfield aka ~FireEagle~

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